heritage timber frames - hand crafted timber frame homes

About us.

Located south of Calgary, central Alberta, we are fortunate enough to service easily to east, west, north or south! We specialize in custom timber frame design and fabrication. We are able to design and manufacture custom timber frame homes and components for any location. Urban to the very remote.


Heritage Timber Frames is versatile to accommodate a wide arrange of projects and customer needs.

  • Custom timber frame homes and packages,
  • Commercial & residential timber frames
  • Hybrid timber frames
  • timber framed barns
  • timber gazebos
  • pergolas
  • deco timber trusses
  • timber brackets, braces
  • fireplace mantels etc.
  • timber furniture, harvest tables, coffee tables etc.

Take the time to look at our gallery of fine timber framed projects!


Heritage Timber Frames covers all aspects of home building. Design, fabrication, installation and project management.

We are proud to offer start to finish in-house services. We take your ideas, dreams and bring them to life using 3D modeling and renderings. Full architectural drawings, along with certified structural blue prints.

Our well trained crew is essential for both production and assembly. Heritage Timber Frames is fortunate to be staffed by a highly skilled and stable work team. Committed to quality, growth and innovation!


Heritage Timber Frames works primarily with #1 or better Douglas Fir. Kiln dried and free of heart center. The timbers are dried evenly using a process that significantly reduces twisting, cupping checking and other defects common to conventional drying methods. Cedar, pine are readily available as well.

The Enviroment.

At Heritage Timber Frames we have a serious commitment to the environment. We provide FSC timbers & reclaimed timbers!
We limit waste at all costs. In fact our cut offs go to heat our structures!